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eControl TQMS Training and Qualification management at Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg

Ingo Ziegler, Head of Operations & Service Control, Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg

Ingo Ziegler
Albrecht Dürer Airport Nürnberg

The international airport “Albrecht Dürer Airport Nuremberg”, renamed on 5 December 2014, is the second largest airport in Bavaria. The Nuremberg Airport handles more than 60,000 flights and approx. 3.3 million passengers per year. The air freight volume is approx. 100,000 tons per year.

As Head of Operations & Service Control, Mr Ingo Ziegler’s responsibilities include the management and optimisation of processes. Mr Ziegler advised eControl in everything from drawing up the specification in the selection stage to the introduction and data migration and manages the system operation and the rolling out of software modules in the individual organisational units. In July 2013, Nuremberg Airport launched Audit and Incident management, focusing in particular on the following activities

  • Management/Planning of internal and external audits
  • Recording and processing of complaints
  • Management/Planning of measures from audits and complaints
  • Management/Planning of document management or of the annual assessment.

“Only by using suitable software such as eControl can the measures resulting from audit and complaints be verifiably and efficiently managed. All points have been widely approved by external auditors.”

In December, the largest software module to date in the form of eControl TQMS was put into operation. In December 2014 data migration was completed for departments with a predominantly centrally structured Qualification Management and the organisation was migrated to eControl aviation TQMS. The migration was carried out in cooperation with Arconda Systems AG and included personnel data, qualifications, profiles, historical qualifications and thus the level of training on the migration date.

From April 2015, eControl aviation will also be phased in for the organisational units whose training management is organised decentrally. eControl aviation offers various features to delegate the independent implementation of training measures to departments. TQMS’s authorisation management also provides the instruments, which a hierarchical superior requires, to monitor the maintenance of the level of qualification and the ongoing staff development of his employees.

The launch of the eControl TQMS module fulfils the requirements of (EU) regulation no. 139/2014, with particular emphasis on the points “ADR.OR.D.017 Training and capability check programme” in conjunction with “ADR.OR.D.015 Personnel requirements”.



Operations Management, Safety Management and BirdControl at Airport Dortmund

Tobias Pasing, Traffic-Manager, Airport Dortmund DTM/EDLW

Tobias Pasing, Traffic-Manager, Flughafen Dortmund
Flughafen Dortmund

Dortmund Airport (ICAO-Code EDLW, IATA-Code DTM) with almost two million passengers in 2014, is the third largest passenger airport in North-Rhein Westphalia. In 2010 the airport introduced the software product eControl aviation to support its operational processes and management systems. Tobias Pasing, Traffic Manager at Dortmund Airport, was involved right from the start and designed the implementation of the Dortmund process requirements:

“We record all safety- relevant incidents, such as workplace accidents or claim notifications – both internal as well as those involving external devices, aircraft etc., in eControl aviation. In addition to ramp safety checks, other routine checks involve track, lighting and fencing patrols. We generally record in the system all anomalies that require further processing or clarification in house or which could arise with our partners. Our Safety Management benefits from the data quality, and audits show that our customers are absolutely convinced by our system. Furthermore we store all official and procedural instructions here, so that they are never lost.

For the recorders the system is very fast and simple to operate – that is why it is accepted by employees and because there is only one system that contains everything, the system has now gained wide acceptance after initial scepticism.”





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