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Training- and Qualifications Management (TQMS)

Integrated training and qualification management system

The TQMS module is an integrated training management system which covers all the processes involved ranging from training needs analyses, arranging and conducting training sessions to providing evidence of the full qualification level of employees.

Using eControl you can ensure that everyone has the required level of qualification now and in the future and will be able to prove that such was the case in the past with a simple press of a button.

Central and decentralised HR management

The HR department or training department can use eControl to operate a centralised HR management system.

Specialist departments may also take over specific responsibility for individual qualifications and manage training sessions independently.

This will enable an effective training operation to be organised at a decentralised level, monitored centrally, and for which documentary evidence can be provided.

eControl’s sophisticated authorisation system ensures data protection and data security.

Internal and external employees and HR hierarchies

eControl manages HR data relevant to qualifications for the company’s own employees and also for the staff of any external firms. Such data are stored with due observance of the data protection requirements for staff in the process of acquiring qualifications, trainers and speakers, debtors, etc ...

A flexible system enables HR hierarchies to be created so as to control communication in the mail centre and also online access to the data for line managers.

Qualification profile

Several qualifications can be bundled to form qualification profiles for job descriptions or other potential uses. Qualification profiles can be used as a universal building-block system for a variety of areas of application. eControl monitors expiring qualifications and ensures that you remain able to deploy your staff.

Qualification events - From the planning stage to cost allocation

eControl can be used to plan any qualification events and combine them to form a training programme, irrespective of whether these are a company’s own training sessions, in-house events or seminars held by external service providers.

The necessary arrangements for speakers and rooms are made centrally by the training department or at a decentralised level by the specialist department conducting the event. eControl provides lists of participants, signature lists, etc. so that the speakers can concentrate on the contents of the lectures they are to give and are relieved of the organisational aspects of the event.

Participation in events - Need not be a Sisyphean task with the right tools

Employees are invited to qualification events, provided with accompanying information and, if necessary, informed of changes. Like the outcome of their participation, employees’ participation in the event must be documented. eControl provides batch processing functions so that attendance numbers, participation status, results of tests held at the end of the event, etc. can be processed on a large scale. Invitations, re-confirmation of attendance or refusals from event participants can be processed on a fully automatic basis by system services without any time having to be spent on entering data manually.

Automated mail centre

As far as possible, the preparation and sending of personalised messages takes place automatically using the TQMS mail centre. Reusable series text is generated using eControl, individualised using database placeholders and can be sent to a group of recipients to be selected based on the situation by email or PDF/post.

If desired, messages can also be sent to hierarchical line managers in short tabular format to inform them of qualification activities and requirements.

Communication metadata are archived in a fully automatic process.

Read & Sign – Understood and qualification remains in place

The updating of processes and other reference documents can result in the contents of training sessions becoming out-of-date and qualifications expiring. In many cases the person in charge of the process will decide that the qualifications can be maintained provided the employees previously trained have taken note of the changes and understood them. The Read & Sign process implemented in eControl provides user-friendly functions to enable legally watertight signatures to be made confirming that note has been taken of the changes.

Interfaces for operational and shift planning systems - No work carried out unless an employee has the necessary qualification

eControl has a system service which regularly provides a download of all qualifications for any group of people, qualifications or qualification profiles.

There are various key fields enabling a link to downstream systems whose parameters may be configured as required and without costly system changes being needed.

This system linking process means it can be guaranteed that no employee will perform his duties without the necessary qualification.

Reports and statistics - report generators á la carte

The information generated by the training and management processes is extraordinarily comprehensive. eControl provides easy-to-use report generators for numerous operational queries that could be raised by entities ranging from the management to speakers who wish to prepare for a specific event. In accordance with the eControl system standard, they are issued as a formatted report or as an MS Excel download.

My eControl – information hub for all employees

As a web-based system, the eControl TQMS is available to all employees with access to a system. Training schedules and other print media are replaced and need not be continually updated, thus eliminating the substantial effort that would require. eControl publishes this information via My eControl - which can be filtered individually and is user-friendly.

For how long will I remain qualified and what training course on offer would suit me best? – such information is just one click away in the My eControl dialog. The digital training schedule lists possible re-certification dates which can be selected on the basis of operational criteria and personal availability.

What need for action is required as regards my employees? My eControl provides the correct functions for line managers to enable them to check the status of employees, select qualification events in the training schedule and apply for their employees to participate. A line manager can make the arrangements in such a way that the processes within his area of responsibility and also, not least, the added value of the business are affected to as small an extent as possible by the training arrangements.

Control Circuit TQMS

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