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PS Passive Soundproofing

Passive soundproofing project management

The PS Passive Soundproofing module is a special application for the management and statistical analysis of numerous structural sound-proofing measures.

Socio-demographic data

eControl has a comprehensive master data administration function for the socio-demographic master data of the development area which can be used in relation to the individual development measures and as a basis for many statistical analyses.

Workflow management

eControl has a flexible workflow management system covering functions ranging from the submission of an application, processing of an application, preparation of dimensions and specifications, to acceptance of and payment for services.

Depending on the object, application made and development area, different workflows can be run in parallel.

Form letter generators

eControl provides form letter generators which provide effective support for a wide variety of standard workflows. In accordance with the system standard, these dynamic form letters are transferred directly into the document archive.

Soundproofing values

The effectiveness of planned development measures is assessed differently depending on the areas and components relevant to sound proofing.

Automatically generated calculations of incremental dimensions speed up the recording process, whilst bonus factors and other tools ensure that soundproofing targets can in fact be achieved. DIN EN 4109 is used as the basis for calculations.

The program logic allows various development scenarios to be calculated to maximise the degree of efficiency or to minimise expenditure on soundproofing.

GIS interface

eControl has a GIS interface enabling a user to visualise the object to be developed in a geographic information system.

Invoices, credit notes and payments

A development project can be accompanied by a large quantity of invoices, credit notes and payments. These processes can be assigned to individual projects and types of service irrespective of the invoice recipient. The data contained in this information forms the basis for the checks made in respect of an application and for statistical analyses. In addition to invoices for third parties, own contributions can also be costed.

eControl carries out an account assignment process for all transactions with the emphasis being on generating tamper-proof documentation and ensuring that all payment flows can be verified easily.

ERP interface

The Passive Soundproofing module offers the automated transfer of payment instructions to ERP systems and the issuing of payment advice notices for payment recipients.

Document management

Each individual development project is accompanied by numerous documents which can be categorised and indexed systematically. They include applications, records, form letters, offers, invoices, construction drawings, etc. The integrated document archive means reference files can be dispensed with entirely, facilitating workflow management and ensuring optimum tamper-proofing. Data protection and data security are assured as a matter of course in this context.

Project controlling

A wide variety of report generators facilitates project controlling. In accordance with the eControl system standard, all reports can be exported in CSV format and processed further for statistical purposes.

Licensing, customising and data transfer

The PSS Passive Soundproofing module will require you to adjust your infrastructure and your workflows. Speak to us and we will prepare a customised offer for you.

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